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Microsoft Windows 7 Professional vs. Enterprise Feature Comparison

While preparing for an upcoming course I was surprised that I couldn’t find a concise summary of the difference between Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise editions. Most resources seem obsessed with comparing the Ultimate edition which is only interesting for “must-have-all-the-shiny-toys” enthusiasts.

Judging by the names it seems obvious that one is designed for business and  the other is designed for big business, but which features are you paying extra for and are they worth the expensee?

Looking at Microsoft’s own Windows 7 site and Paul Thurrrot’s great Supersite for Windows,  I was able to determine the following key features that Windows 7 Enterprise has over and above the Professional edition.

Rather than drill down into the detail here I have blogged on the benefits and caveats of each feaure in a seperate article. Click the links below to read on ;