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Message moderation for mailboxes

Exchange 2010 features the ability to moderate message flow to any recipient. This means that I can divert an incoming message to another user (the moderator) who can either reject the message to prevent delivery or approve the message to allow delivery.

The Exchange 2010 Management Console allows you to manage  moderation for Distribution Groups and Dynamic Distribution Groups, but not user Mailboxes. Moderation of messages addressed to people can be set up with Transport rules, but I was curious to see if it could be done directly on the user’s Mailbox. 

As is usually the case with Exchange 2010, it’s best to try do it in the Exchange Management Shell before assuming that it can’t be done. After a bit of detective work on the Set-Mailbox cmdlet help page on TechNet I found the answers.

To enable moderation for an existing mailbox, use the following cmdlet;

Set-Mailbox -id “Name of User” -ModerationEnabled $true -ModeratedBy “Name of Moderator”

Remember this all needs to keyed in as one command.

You can also enable moderation when creating new mailboxes by adding the ModerationEnabled and ModeratedBy switches.

Once you’re done you can admire your handiwork by using the following cmdlet, which will deisplay all the moderated Mailboxes and who moderates them;

Get-Mailbox |  where {$_.ModerationEnabled -eq $true} | Format-Table Name, ModeratedBy

If you decide that a mailbox should not be moderated you can use the following cmdlet;

Set-Mailbox -id “Name of User” -ModerationEnabled $false

Happy moderating!